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    199TRIVIA: Can You Answer These General Trivia?김태영20.09.20
    198These Latin Phrases Will Make You Think About Life김태영20.09.15
    197바리톤 '티토 곱비(Tito Gobbi)'가 출연한 두 편의 영화에서 노래부르는 장면..김태영20.09.10
    19617 Incredible Paintings That Sold For Hundreds of Millions김태영20.09.10
    195Photographic Evidence That Karma is More Kind Than Cruel!김태영20.09.06
    194천일야화 Scheherrazade - 레오폴드 스토코프스키(cond)김태영20.09.04
    193Experience the Joy of Music with the NY Philharmonic/https://youtu.be/XuMSopdrWSQ김태영20.08.22
    19210 Black-And-White Movies That Every Film Fan Needs To See../ These Photos Show How Much The World Has Changed…김태영20.08.19
    191Tea vs. Coffee: Which One’s Better For YOU? //Banana의 사용처/ Who Knew Bananas Could Have SO Many Uses?김태영20.08.14
    190Opera Aria김태영20.08.06
    1895 Frozen Foods You Shouldn’t Buy and 5 You Should Stock/ These Habits Seem Minor But They’re Sabotaging Your MEMORY김태영20.08.05
    188자동변속기차량 운전시 주의사항김태영20.07.27
    187These Wonderful Animal Films Will Forever Stay With You김태영20.07.27
    186경기55회 DiFiPhoNo 사진전 안내 예행연습 [1]김태영20.07.21
    18510 Oscar-Winning Foreign Movies You Can’t Afford to Miss!김태영20.07.16
    184Hop Aboard the LONGEST Train Journeys in the World김태영20.07.14
    183과탄산소다/ Plant Propagation for Beginners: 5 Useful Methods김태영20.07.09
    182아름다운 인연 용강동 베토벤 : 김태영동문/ Liberty Leading The People by Eugene Delacroix김태영20.07.07
    181Mozart Sym. No.40 in G minor1st mov./ Get Lost in the Lovely Impressionist Art of Édouard Manet / QUIZ: How Much Do You know About the Renaissance?김태영20.07.06
    180Topic: KG55 Zoom Meeting / EYE TEST: How Well Do You See Shades of Blue?김태영20.07.04
    179Doberman pinscher / The Wandering albatross김태영20.06.29
    178Unbelievable! 11 Year Old Violinist Plays Celine Dion /My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion - Violin Cover by Karolina김태영20.06.26
    177https://youtu.be/HQsUI4FSjPc/ Holst - The Planets Op.32 홀스트 행성 '목성' / [1]김태영20.06.23
    176A Fee Handy Hack on Replanting and Growing Vegetables / Here Are Some Creative Ideas to Organize Your Kitchen김태영20.06.21
    175Personality Test: Which Traits Should You Keep? [1]김태영20.06.21
    174Here Are the 4 BEST Ways to Meditate/ Showstopping Aerial Photos From 22 Famous Places Worldwide김태영20.06.19
    173식습관과 건강 Epidemiologist Assesses COVID-19 Risk of Varied Activities /https://youtu.be/BZsJ4QcoIko/김태영20.06.13
    17210 Greatest Ancient Roman Monuments - Travel Video김태영20.05.25
    171Spelling Bee: Choose the Correct Version of the Word!김태영20.05.19
    170Eye Test: Can You See In Shades of Black?김태영20.05.15
    16911 Picturesque Lakes in the US Everyone Ought to Visit김태영20.05.04
    168Classical Music: Enjoy 50 of the Greatest Masterpieces! [1]김태영20.04.29
    167https://youtu.be/Nj1cmYKTGHM/ 오페라 리골레토/베토벤: 교향곡 6번 F장조 op. 68 "전원" 칼 뵘 (지휘) 빈 필 Karl Bohm (conductor) Wiener Philharmoniker김태영20.04.27
    16612 Amazing Digital Reconstructions of Medieval Castles김태영20.04.21
    165Golden Screen Music김태영20.04.13
    164Here Are 10 Household Things You Must Clean Daily / These Countries Are the BEST at Containing COVID-19 So Far [1]김태영20.04.08
    163Beethoven의 단한편의 오페라 피델리오 / Andre Rieu Plays in Full New York Concert [1]김태영20.04.06
    162The MOST Dangerous and Deadly Viruses Known to Man /What the Symptoms of COVID-19 Look Like Day By Day [1]김태영20.04.06
    161Biology Quiz: What Do You Know About Viruses? /Every House Needs a Cactus and These Are the Perfect Ones [1]김태영20.04.02
    160Tchaikovsky Capricio Italien op.45/니콜라이 안드라에비치 림스키 코르자코프스페인 광시곡김태영20.03.30
    15912 Museum Tours You Can Take From the Comfort of Your Home / History's Deadliest Epidemics That Shook The World [1]김태영20.03.19
    158Epidemiologist Explains How to Behave in a Pandemic김태영20.03.13
    157https://youtu.be/48dzV3WRu6M /볼리비아 우유니 소금사막김태영20.03.07
    15620 Beautiful Quotes on the Importance of Moving On in Life김태영20.03.06
    155Do You Want to See How the Universe Ends? / The Asteroid That Changed the Face of the Earth Forever김태영20.03.06
    154Is Eating an Egg Daily Bad For Your Heart? / Math Quiz: 15 Easy to Challenging Algebra Problems김태영20.03.06
    153프로그래머란 무엇인가?김태영20.02.12
    152The 10 Most Incredible Street Puppet Shows / Visit 15 of the Most Beautiful Valleys In the World/ How an Insane King Built the World’s Most Beautiful/김태영20.01.12
    151What Would You Pay For the Best Bottle of Scotch On Earth? [1]김태영20.01.07
    150A Photographer's Dream: Photos of Lauterbrunnental Valley / Hidden Natural Marvels in the USA Everyone Should Visit김태영20.01.07
    149나라가 왜 멸망하는가/펌-조창휘정면수20.01.01
    148Caro Nome 질다의 아리아 [1]김태영19.12.17
    147These Are the 10 MOST Addictive Foods //10 Foods That The World’s Longest Living People Eat김태영19.12.11
    146HTML연습 [1]김태영19.12.03
    14412월의 음악이야기 베토벤 피아노소나타 23번 F단조 '열정' [1]김태영19.12.02
    14312 Handy Travel Tips and Guides For a Perfect Vacation김태영19.11.27
    142Become a Skilled Photographer in No Time with These Tricks/ 2019 Nature Photographer Of The Year Winners Finally Here!김태영19.11.22
    141♥♥♥허정 박사(1932년생. 서울대 의대 1957년 졸)의 100세 건강법♥ [1]김태영19.11.17
    140A Huge Domino Display with 35,000 Pieces!김태영19.11.09
    13911월의 음악이야기 차이코프스키 비창교향곡김태영19.11.02
    138If You Like Cruises, Keep These Invaluable Inputs in Mind김태영19.10.27
    137Stunning Drone Photography of Temples Across Asia / Tutorials: How to Wrap an Elastic Bandage On Any Body Part김태영19.10.19
    136Planes Rarely Cross Over the Pacific Ocean, But Why?김태영19.10.07
    135황창연신부의 행복특강 / https://youtu.be/ZBgmfTQtUvs 라 보헴/말러교향곡5번5악장 Rondo-Finale(Allegro)김태영19.09.30
    13410 Buddhist Quotes that Can Guide All, Regardless of Faith /Incredible Architecture! The 5 Tallest Towers in the World김태영19.09.09
    133바그너의 오페라 "발키리" / Tannha"user Overture김태영19.09.07
    132These Beautiful Bird Photos Are Beyond Incredible / These Are the 7 Oldest Cities on Earth that Still Stand /김태영19.08.30
    131A Visualization of Liszt's La Campanella/ Bumble Bee김태영19.08.12
    130A Better Kitchen: 20 Tips You Can't Afford to Miss김태영19.08.08
    12911 Great Ways to Use Plastic Hooks Around the House김태영19.08.04
    128COLLECTION: The Incredible Beauty of Historical Europe /Interactive Map: 12 Beautiful New Zealand Sights /산으로 들로 강으로 바다로김태영19.07.22
    126정경화 비발디 사계김태영19.07.07
    124Quiz: What is Your Best Personality Trait? / Who Are You?김태영19.06.28
    123These National Geographic Photos All Won Awards / https://youtu.be/PdcKE4U9_D0 : 왈츠와 스케이팅김태영19.06.19
    12216 Perfect Examples of How Beautiful Earth Is /The Evolution of Cars Through the Past 100 Years김태영19.06.07
    121Do You Like Hot Peppers? Learn About Their Health Benefits / 우리나라 명산김태영19.05.27
    120IMPORTANT: A Comprehensive Guide to Giving First Aid / 졸업60주년 기념음악회 4호차에서 [1]김태영19.05.20
    119Listen and Learn About the Best Poems Written In English김태영19.05.09
    118It is Amazing What This Artist Can Do With Two Strings? / This Cello Music is Going to Take You Straight to Heaven김태영19.05.06
    117Everyone Who Has Netflix Must See These 14 Movies /Hauser& Friends Gala Concert at Arena Pula김태영19.04.17
    116Avoid Buying These Foods When Shopping at the Supermarket!김태영19.04.13
    115The Egg Secret Tips You Never Knew/ Music Box: Experience the Astonishing Beauty of J.S. Bach / Have a Calmer, Easier Life By Following These 10 Tips김태영19.03.22
    114안드레 류의 The Voice of Spring/ Ten Art Pieces You Always Wanted to Know More About / The Colorful and Beautiful Birds of Paradise!김태영19.03.16
    1138 Pressure Points That Can Banish Your Stress /성공시대 조수미/ 감기가 오래간다?김태영19.03.12
    112반야심경 - 나무위키/ 모차르트 교향곡41번 CMajor KV551 Jupiter김태영19.03.08
    111Take the Perfect Route to the Grand Canyon with Our Guide / Take Our Trivia Test: Do You Know These Latin Phrases?김태영19.02.23
    110Beethoven Piano Sonata Moon Light / WaltzNo.2: 드미트리 쇼스타코비치/엘리제를 위하여김태영19.02.17
    109설 덕담 하나:;; 戒老 言/ Lower Blood Pressure in 10 MINUTES by Doing These Things [3]김태영19.02.06
    108Hiking Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, USA in 4K (Ultra HD) / A New Amazing Mode of Transportation May Soon Be Available [1]김태영19.01.31
    107A Terrific Guide for Scarf Fashion! /오펜 바흐 천국과 지옥 서곡/ Here,s a Good Morning Hug! Hope You,ve a Good Day!김태영19.01.25
    106You Won't Believe The Things You Can do with an Egg Carton /Woke Up with Neck Pain? These 8 Tips Can Help!/김태영19.01.12
    1052019 비엔나 新春音樂會 /Donau Walzer& Radetzky March/ 한국환상곡 정명훈지휘/ 2012 신년음악회김태영19.01.01
    104올드랭자인;수잔보일Wild Horses Run into Flamingos Feeding From B.B.C / Here are 25 Chances to Prove You Know Your Spelling!김태영18.12.21
    103Christmas in Vienna 1999 도밍고 카레라스 파바로티/ 14 Lists You Want to Make to Live a Happier Life김태영18.12.16
    102Christmas in Vienna 2013 Concert/ Chopin Etude No.3/ 2016 빈 신년음악회김태영18.12.16
    101IQ TEST: Can You Answer All 10 Questions? /Watch Two Pianists Perform Mozart's Allegro con Spirito /김태영18.12.11
    100'박영희' 시인의 '접기로 한다'/Tonight We Love Tonight 차이코프스키 피아노 협주곡 1번 B flat Minor Op.23김태영18.12.10